3 sure ways of making money in Piuni international

You have been searching for a viable source of income and you have somehow gotten to know about piuni international. Well, count yourself very lucky because lives are being changed because of this amazing global opportunity. I will be sharing mostly from my personal experience and experinces of successful people around me. So here are 3 ways you can earn real money
1. Commissions
Piuni international pays amazing commissions to his affiliates. Believe me , this commissions are handsome. Sometimes I wonder if making money should be this simple. That doesn’t mean you won’t work but if you work the business you will be delighted in yourself because every weekend can turn to Christmass for you. Interestingly, piuni pays in dollars so just imagine you make as little as $100 weekly which is very possible then you will be smiling to the bank with over #40,000 weekly.

That’s not a lot of money but it can do something tremendous in your life. Multiply that by 4 then #200,000 monthly is yours. From experience, I can tell you there are people who make more than that monthly. So you don’t have an excuse not to join.

piuni pays its commission to affilates in dollars

2 Free gift vouchers
Once you work with the plan of the business, you will get to a point where you can get free gift vouchers. So what do you use your free gift vouchers for? You make money from it of course. Personally, I use the vouchers to generate airtime and I use that to call my friends , family and I sometimes sell it to those who need it because it accumulates. You also know carrying a phone loaded with airtime worth more than #20,000 can make your phone heavy in your pocket. Lol.

Before joining Piuni international, I use to be the number one MTN airtime borrower and always having to call MTN customer care complaining about airtime deduction but that’s history now. Thanks to piuni.

#20,000 airtime topup to my phone
Airtime topup using piuni platform
airtime balance courtesy piuni gift voucher .
Current airtime balance

3. Team activities
Piuni international is a unique mobile technology business that gives you leverage. Rather than work for a boss to pay you peanuts , you can choose to build a lifetime system that can pay you whether you are in Nigeria , Ghana , Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia South Africa or anywhere in the world.
(There are many other ways I will get to talk about later when you contact me)

with team work in Piuni you can build a massive income stream

The world is moving from the era where people are paid for their time to an era where productivity counts. Piuni can give you the residual income to overcome your residual bills and set you on a path to financial freedom and prosperity. Are you a professional or a student or a worker looking for a great income option in 2017 then Piuni is a no brainer. I have helped dozens of people overcome their fears and past failures about online businesses using my tested and proven system. These people are doing great today and are happy they passed through my training.

If you would like to be mentored by me in this business so that you can become successful and become proud of yourself living your dream lifestyle then contact me immediately on +2348161735232 and you would be glad you did…. Or drop your whatsapp contact into the comment section. It won’t be published for privacy sake.

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