Can Telecoms Industry really make you Rich


2016 has been one of the roughest and toughest years in the era of our democracy. A lot of “big boys” are now affected and badly wounded. Is there hope for you and I as this year winds up?

The banking sector which happens to be a giant sector in Nigeria has been having crises. As at june, Skye bank sacked 175 workers, Ecobank sacked over 1000 workers and Diamond bank fired 200 of its staff. One of my close friends was sacked having committed 5 Years of his life to his bank. Dwindling oil prices and foreign exchange problems tops part of the reasons why a giant sector like the banking sector is being hit massively. A lot of Nigerians are out of jobs. Many go to work in fear that they might end the day with a sack letter.

The petroleum industry is another industry that has hit the rocks. As at the first quarter of 2014, global oil prices were over $100 to a barrel but today, it stands at a mere $45. That implies high petrol prices and it could result in a recession for those countries who over depend on it . Nigeria is technically in recession because of its monopolistic economy that was built on Petroleum.

In lieu of all these crises, one industry that stands out is the telecoms industry. Telecoms industry is one of the fastest growing industries in africa. On september 1st of 2016, National Bureau of Statistics revealed that, “the telecommunications sector contributed #1,550 billion to GDP in the second quarter of 2016 or 9.8% which represents an increase of 1.0% points relative to the previous quarter. Growth in the telecommunications sector remained positive, in contrast with the economy.” So even if every person is down, the likes of MTN, Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat are smiling everyday.

According to NCC, in 2006 there were a little above 40million active lines but as of july 2016, there are over 150 million active lines. This implies more data subscription, increase in air time revenue and a surge in mobile bill payment.

There abounds massive opportunities in the telecoms industry. Even banks are beginning to leave their primary assignment thereby diverting attention into the millions and probably billions they can generate from custumers using their mobile App for bill payment ,bank transfers and mobile top up. Only smart people will survive and make it through 2016. Banks are getting smarter day by day and so can you as an ordinary everyday Nigerian. You might not know, but banks and mobile networks make money from you everyday.

What if there is a proven and guaranteed way of making money in the telecom industry? What if you could make money from your daily activities and activities of others while they use their mobile phones? Yes its 1000% possible.
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    am at Enugu now how do i start.what is d least amount to start a serious buznes minded person.just dat am financialy down but seeing a buznes oppotunity like ds i can borrow to get started.thank u.

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