How is Piuni different from Ponzi and Pyramid schemes?

Piuni is exactly the opposite of Ponzi and Pyramid scheme. Many people have invested in these schemes and have been bitten while others are still doing it. But the truth is that Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme create more problems than they solve. This is because Ponzi scheme doesn’t sell anything. They have no value added benefits and they take from one side, who is willing to provide help, (whatever that means) to the other side, who is willing to get help.

When side A gets enough help and is able to solve his problem, he suddenly stops providing help, he is sanctioned by being blocked, as if he cares, with all the millions he has made, and someone else takes his place. With time, helpers will shrink and those in need of help will grow ever bigger and the system gradually collapses. No product, no services, no value…lots of miseries, tears and anguish. Ask your friends who did Ponzi, they will tell you more.

Piuni, on the other hand, is a certified and registered online business based on time-tested systems and procedures. Apart from the networking aspects and compensation plans, Piuni is not all that different from Jumia, Walmart, Alibaba, Konga, Interswtich, QuickTellers,, Wakanow, and many other online platforms we are familiar with but Piuni transcends national borders and shrinks the world into a codified system that provides value added services. Also, they pay handsomely to their affiliates for goods and services they help facilitate its sales.

Unlike Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme, which are usually illegal operation in which participants pay to join and profit mainly from payments made by subsequent participants, Piuni survive on the profits she makes from merchants that make use of Piuni platform to retail their goods and services. Piuni shares up to 90% of her profits with her registered and committed affiliates or partners.

In Piuni, retailing is defined as the process of promoting the systems goods and services online and offline, with the aim of earning commissions from every successful sale made by such effort.

For example, Mr Tade is an affiliate, based in United State and he intends to retail his services, using Piuni Ubills online system, His Ubills link is, from his base in United State, he promotes his link on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and Mr Craig from Hawaii saw the link and also Ms. Linda from China saw the same, as well as hundreds of online users, clicked on Tade’s link to get instant access to the website and they all purchased about $5000 worth of goods and services within the hour.

According to Piuni, Tade and 9 other Affiliates will be paid 90% of the commissionable volume of that transaction.

Piuni is nothing near to a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme from all that I know around is a get rich quick scheme with no apologies to those who find it appealing. Ponzi scheme does not have any product or services they rendered. No business can thrive on mere movement of money from one hand to other hands without having a central stake in what the business is valued upon.

At Piuni, not only do we sell genuine products and services, we do so in partnerships with well-known and world-renowned brands that naturally attracts patronage. Our platform appeals to over 50,000 merchants, who realises that being on Piuni platform provides them with the avenues to reach more customers, whilst spending less on advertorials and logistics.


piuni airtime topup to dubai in uae using piuni platform

Piuni airtime topup to my mtn number in Nigeria

#20,000 airtime topup to my phone
Airtime topup of #20,000 to my phone using piuni platform

I took my time to show the real value that exchanges hands using this unique and amazing platform. I was talking to someone the other day and he asked me if Piuni is real. I told him to wake up and see the big potentials piuni offers across its platforms. This is just amazing.

Making a decision to partner with this big company(Piuni) is no small feat. Just like one of my team members in Nigeria shared with me few weeks ago….. I remembered when I was on the verge of joining Piuni, I had lost a business worth over five million Naira to Lagos state demolition…. Debts were piled up around me and I had the choice of either investing my seed into a business online that was vague or service my debts.

I went for the former, a decision not easy to make, all the same, I made… those who don’t take risks in life, hardly make it big in life.

Almost immediately, within 2 months of signing up, I recovered my initial investment and now, I’m coasting up better than before… paid up my debt and developed my business in a new location, all because I invested the start up fee. What else can one think of if not playing in the new market, the Information Age market… less I forget, I upgraded fast and even got another pack because I dared to take realistic risk. I’m 100% Piunified.

The difference is crystal clear, Piuni is not a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme

This Article was written by a Piuni Affiliate, Eseku Olufemi Samson, a success coach with Piuni International (+2347062023031) and edited by Adedeji Damilare (top internet entrepreneur, trainer and piuni affiliate).

Successful people see an opprtunity with thier inner minds and i believe you have what it takes to succeed as well. So to get started or coached to become successful making money using this platform, you can call or Whatsapp me on my mobile line on +2348161735232. I will be glad to work and walk with you. Or better still, you can drop your whatsapp number in the comment section. Your number won’t be published for privacy sakes.

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