How telecoms business in Nigeria made my big dreams a reality

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I was in my second year as an undergraduate when the GSM euphoria and bug became a reality in Nigeria after years of failure from the analog national carrier, that was the defunct NITEL. Almost immediately, the telecommunications industry became an instant success, by creating several layers of businesses across the nation and empowering small business enterprises. The telecommunications companies themselves were in turn raking in billions in every known currencies and smiling to the banks. They spread their services like wild fire into every nooks and Cranny’s of the country!!!

For me personally, I had always dreamed of having a stake in this trillion dollar business. I still remembered reading about how shocked Vodacom was, when MTN Nigeria, barely six month into the business in Nigeria, declared a profit before tax of over N75bn…I’m sure a lot of heads must have rolled at their senior management levels, who advised the coy to sell her licence to the then Econet telecoms company, postulating that Nigeria was an unhealthy environment to invest in. What a permanent loss to Vodacom, as far as the Nigerian lucrative market was. A shame actually.

Back to me, after my graduation, I got a job in a frontline media outfit, a rather low paying job, but one that allowed me to exhibit my passion and love for writing and creating words. I was with them for 5 years, before an opportunity finally opened up for me to work in the telecoms sector, with one of the major big players!!! Who says your dreams are too big and unattainable? Well, they are wrong, like my late proprietor, Dr. Tai Solarin wrote; “If you can dream it, You can become it.”
Being employed as a data analyst and sales consultant of the telecoms outfit, and as one of the pioneer staff to blaze the early stages of data penetrations in Nigeria, I came to realise that my dream way back was actually small. The future that data bundle presented to the industry was catastrophically mind blowing…
I just had to have a personal stake in this juicy pie called the telecoms business. You have to understand that telecommunications of the 21st century, transcends the the art of just communication and socializing. Talking will never go out of fashion, hence, this industry may never run down. Rather, it is seen as a massive disruptive catalyst that affects and changes the way other businesses do their things…be it in the banking, education, transportation, insurance, marketing and every other major industries out there…telecoms have changed and disrupted their conventional way of operations.

Few years ago, I think in the year 2012, the telecoms industry globally was reported to have created a profit of over $6.5 trillion and it is the only industry globally that is hardly affected by recession. Yes, today, Nigeria is in recession, but as long as you and I still need to talk, communicate, socialize and browse the internet for opportunities and information, the industry will continue to boom and remain substantially profitable and sustainable.

It is to this reality that I dared to dream even bigger and hope to have a direct stake in the telecoms business. The poorest trade partner with my coy, is actually a billionaire, and that is to put it mildly and modestly. But there is a challenge for me. Personally, I can’t afford to become a trade partner, because I don’t have what it takes, both financially and structurally to become one, even though I manage some of the billionaire partners in my company, and even if I do, the business can hardly partner with me because they already have their needed partners and I can only be advised to play under any one of them for all I am worth. Did this stop me from dreaming? of course not! It cost nothing to dream, rather, to dream is to create a scenario that is possible, if your believe in your dream is as strong as the faith you place in it into becoming a reality. Positive and achievable dreams are actually the
ingredients to success in life.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, despite my lean financial status, lack of structure and extreme limitations, I finally became not only a telecommunications trade partner, but i was directly aligned to a telecoms company that has global presence and outreaches in more than 140 countries of the world with capacity to provide telecoms services and financial payments services to billions of customers, wow!!!. Of course they are new and fresh, and would be launching out globally sometimes in early 2017. I didn’t need a soothsayer or a prophet to prod me to enrol as a partner with them as the opportunity provided itself. Quite surprisingly, their payment packages, business compensation plans and models, as well as the income opportunities they offer me are simply outrageously fantastic. Looking at my trading platforms dashboard, in the last two weeks that they signed me on as a Partner, I’m still left in the 9th clouds, without trading yet (remember they will launch in Dubai early next year), I have started earning commissions in dollars and that’s because they deal globally and pay globally as well.

I’m sure you’re envying me now and thinking that I am somehow privileged due to my exposure to the telecoms industry, but trust me, that isn’t even close to the truth. Like you, I’m just a regular 9-5 working class dude who just had a dream to own a stake in this industry.
But the good thing is that I can chaperone you too into this business opportunity. The window is still open and you too can be positioned to become a telecoms trade partner to both a global telecoms company and its over 6.7 billion customers.

I have room to accommodate a few business minded youths who are willing to invest an affordable token to become extremely successful young entrepreneurs in less than 3 years from now. I’m already on my way to that success route that I see daily as a telecoms worker but only dreamed about until now.
I have my assurances, the question is are your dreams bigger or smaller than you? You fill in the gaps. This is REAL and it is my story.

This article was written by Eseku Olufemi Samson(+2347062023031), a data analyst with 6 years experience in MTN Nigeria.

If you know your dream is bigger than mine and for more information, contact Adedeji damilare on +2348161735235( whatsap) or call +2349036017797.

Originally posted 2016-11-01 10:36:58.


  1. Olajide Bello

    “I am a living witness to how telecoms business is transforming lives even right here in Nigeria. Telecoms business/investment is surest way to build financial fortunes “

  2. Temitope Oluseye

    Wow, this is amazing. That’s so true, the telecoms sector is not affected. Hmmmm! I definitely must do this. Admin, am also a big dreamer and I am.motivated by this post. Pls i’ll like to get more details on this asap. Thank you.

  3. Toye

    I have had some experiences with the Telecoms industry and I have met some very wealthy people who point their success to the industry. I am sold out for whatever you are offering here.

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