My journey in slumber, my personal Piuni story

Exactly one month and ten days from today, by October 12th, 2017, I would be celebrating exactly one year as an affiliate of Piuni. The feeling of nostalgia associated with this write up is both exhilarating and soul searching that I felt, I should share it with the whole world. It is a true life story and scenario and maybe a few persons who knew me before Piuni, can relate with it. Also, this my “TELL YOUR PIUNI STORY,” might help someone reading this now to identify with his or her realities and find strength in it and also take solace in the fact that life do happen, but our choices and decisions, help shape our outcomes & realities.

It was exactly this time last year (I’m still cringing in shock as I write this, exactly 1 year today), I was at work somewhere on the Island, when my phone rang and it was my wife calling. She was in utter distress and the information she was passing across to me was so unbelievable and unimaginable, I felt I was in a slumber and in a daze.

My senior colleague & official driver, an elderly and overtly expressionable man, who drives like an ex Ferrari sport racer, with whom I have a singsong and sour relationship with, noticed my unusual alarmed countenance and asked if all was well. I’m not sure I heard him or imagined if he asked me any question but he must have gleaned the fact from my end of the despicable and deplorable conversation. Like a James Bond, trying out one of his newly fitted super Bentley gadget, he drove me off to the mainland. I must have looked a wreck and he knew, no customer will get my attention that day. Millions of thoughts ran through my “jampacked” head.

You see, the truth of the matter was that the call from my wife that day was to inform me that, suddenly, I was in a terrible financial mess.πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† . The Lagos State Government (LAGS) has destroyed our personal business location…my shop, a mini data center (a 20ft foreign container was battered) and I had lost millions…😭😭😭

I work with a telecoms coy and my salary job was no longer enough and I had taken loan from the bank 4 years before in addition to my years of painful savings to start my business….I feel it is better to invest in a sector where I have in depth knowledge and appreciable level of expertise. And true to the fact, we weren’t doing bad. Our services was impeccable and we were making profit. I had a second source of income and my salary was a great supporting pillar. Life is good, or so I thought.

But wow! It was hell, horrible and almost hopeless. Every month, the bank deducts almost half my salary to help repay my loan and the remaining was just not enough…not enough at all. It was then I realized that depending on one source of income was truly unblissful, stupid and foolish. How can you earn from one source and almost immediately, you spend everyday on multiple important sources? Its utterly crazy. No matter how huge your salary, any little shift in business, government or environmental policies, you can find yourself on the bottom rung of the ladder broke on all sides.

What will I do? The telecoms/data shop had been destroyed. The market burnt down and the extra income from that was no more…worst, I had stocks of some of my data dealers, that was in my shop, that was either stolen by (fake sympathisers or agberos, during the hasty evacuation) or destroyed during the demolition exercise running into millions and I had to pay for those too😩😩😩….it was hellish.
Two business women died then, they had taken loans from LAPO and got the shock of the destruction of their businesses on the spot and died. One was pregnant. The situation was simply catastrophic.

I had nowhere to go. Then, MMM was high in demand and was top notch online busines (many of my friends & few of my relatives were into it and were earning) but it just didn’t appeal to me. Yes, I was desperate but I was not feeling it. Most importantly, my spirit strictly rejected it outrightly. I have a wife and 3 kids…the 3rd barely two months old and in need of so many things involving money. But I stayed off all those rapidly growing online fast paying gigs. I ain’t saying they’re bad, but they weren’t for me then and till now.

Then I heard about Piuni. I looked into it and prayed over it. My spirit agreed with it and I needed N63k then to sign up for the lowest pack (now its N61,740) I had no one to turn to and no one can give me the money… Even though I earn far more than the lowest Piuni pack, my loan deductions are a huge thorn on the flesh of my now one sided income…and taking care of a growing family is not beans or crayfish. My income remained constant, while my expenditures were increasing like the debt of a sinner who refuses to accept JesusπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜›πŸ˜›. It wasn’t funny at all back then. There are times, I still have to sign in and check my Piuni back offices to reassure that I’m not dreaming. It’s that serious folks.

Nonetheless, I sat my wife down and told her that I’ll be using N63k from my next salary to pay for Piuni. I saw the flash of fear and uncertainty in her eyes, but also the ting of confidence that I was making the right decision. She knows the man she married. She knew I was not associated with failures & she has seen me turn ideas into raw cash, right from way back in the university, when we were courting and I first registered my Limited Liability Company in 300 level. Yet, I understood her fears. But she acquiesced to it all the same. And thank God she did.

I told her to plan on the little balance that will remain from my pay and adjust for a couple of weeks. Its now or never. She agreed and when I got paid, I signed up. It was the best thing I did that year, October 12th, 2016. I’m not good at remembering dates, but I doubt I’ll ever forget this one. My wife normally remind me of my birthdays and our wedding anniversary and you can guess how livid she gets when I simply reel off this date off hand anytime I’m saying it.

The rest is history. It took me three more months to start earning, but those months were months of sacrifices, learning’s and pushing. I’ve made a couple of thousands of dollars and I’ve paid up all my debts and recovered my wife’s data shop and currently stocking it up…. Imagine how N63k saved my life from demotion, dehumanization, dejection and destruction. I have 3 Piuni account and they are all doing fine and that is why I’m sharing this sensitive part of my life with you, so you know that it wasn’t all rosy…life is still hard, but right now, its better, because I have a system that is helping me sort out some heavy financial issues that would have sent me back to Ijebuland empty handed but God forbid…
You too will soon tell your good story too. It may not be on Piuni, it may yet be, but I believe you to find value and lesson in this my story in slumber. I believe in God and also believed He had me in that fiery fires of trial, not alone, but Him with me, ensuring that I come out better refined and ready for the challenges ahead.

You too have your stories…maybe some day, I will get to read one or two chapter from them. Thanks for reading.
Written by Olufemi

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