Piuni Explodes in Eastern Nigeria

IF you have followed me over the months of posting about Piuni then you will know for sure that Piuni is a moving rocket that keeps firing as it moves forward. Yet again, it was time for another explosive eastern launch in Nigeria and  preparation was set in high gear as the date approached. In case you are new to my blog, click Here to know more about Piuni january 14 official launch that took place Lagos.

The eastern tour kicked off in Enugu state on the 15th of June. The crowd at the venue was huge. I guess everyone is now fully comprehending the potentials of Piuni at this stage. On the 16th, it was time for the train to move to Awka in Anambra state. It was another heavy turnout of affilates and potential affilates. After a few hours of engagement with the intending affilates, most of them were excited to partner with Piuni immediately. It takes a foresight to see an amazing opportunity that has the potentials to change lives and surely most people that came saw it. Everyone went home and was anticipating the market launch and office opening scheduled for the next day in Onitsha. As anticipated, the official office opening in onitsha was a huge success. several hundreds of people came from different places to witness the event. Many were excited as they learnt more about the Piuni business from the top leaders. Another high point of the event was the award of recognition to those who deserved it. What a great way to end the Piuni eastern tour after 3 amazing days

Here are some pictures that best captures the moment.

piuni eastern tour in three cities in Nigeria

piuni presentation in Enugu by piuni top leader

    Piuni presentation in Enugu
piuni presentation as handled by david olowe
Piuni director giving a live presentation
piuni presentation as delivered by david olowe in awka, anambra state
Piuni presentation in awka
piuni leaders pose for a photograph in onitsha
Portrait of some piuni leaders
a massive crowd witnessed the office opening and launch that took place in onitsha
Massive crowd witness Piuni Onitsha office launch
inside view of the newly renovated and deorated Office of piuni in onitsha
Inside view of the new piuni office


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    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…

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