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enjoy the experience of Piuni telecoms business opportunity

If you could live your dream lifestyle trough a simple telecoms / mobile technology business opportunity, would you go for it? Piuni Telecoms Business offers you that comfort and lifestyle.

Piuni is a bold attempt at virtualizing and digitizing daily E-commerce activities and addictions. The Piuni business is an attempt to make the globe small and fuse the world into the symmetrical engineering that makes up your mobile devices. As the world moves closer to becoming a global village, where technology cements the activities of human beings, Piuni creates the opportunities for her registered affiliates to leverage on these activities to recreate wealth and earn massively from it.

So what is Piuni?

Piuni is a US based telecoms/bill payment company that is situated in Arkansas. The word Piuni was formed from a combination of two words, piu meaning “plus’’ and ni meaning “two”.Piuni’s mission is to “create physical evidence of success in the lives of many people across the globe” while their vission is “to become the world’s leading company creating innovative solutions to everyday problems”. Telecoms wealth is huge and the industry is one of the largest industries that never succumbs to global recession. Therefore, piuni offers a platform where anybody can leverage on his or her daily activities and still make an extra income.The Piuni business model was built to dispense Value Added Services (VAS) of various merchants totalling 57,000 across 142 countries. Just like Mark Zukerberg was fired up, at the eve of introducing the world to a new way of connecting, doing business and socializing. Piuni is the next big thing after Facebook and it’s thunderous entrance into the global business realms is imminent.No wonder my friend calls Piuni the 8th Wonder of the world. lol

Piuni’s innovative products

You might be asking, “so what is Piuni unique for?”
Am happy to tell you that Piuni has several amazing and extremely innovative products. They include
1. Uchat 2. Upay 3. Utopup 4. Uworld 5. Ubrowse 6. Ukind 7. Uskills 8. Unit 9. Ubill

piuni Telecoms innovative products

Utopup allows you to top up any mobile line in 140 countries with the same pin ( E-pin). Piuni has partnered with over 600 mobile networks across the globe in order to make this service a reality. What that means is that with Piuni, you can use the same pin to load MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, Vodafone, at & t, Telstra and over 600 mobile networks. Indeed, this is very impressive. Without stress, People can conviniently do airtime topup globally and still make money from it. That’s amazing.

Use Piuni platform to pay for the numerous services offered by various companies across the globe irrespective of your location. With Piuni, you can pay your electricity, transportation, education, television, grocery, pharmacy, hospitalality, medical and mobile bills at the convenience of your room. Piuni is a comfort and lifestyle company that gives you unlimited Telecoms wealth.

piuni u
Piuni UPay app for transaction and payment

Piuni has another innovative product called Usim. Usim is a universal SIM that can take multiple network providers. Yes its real. Imagine One SIM card carrying MTN, Glo, AIRTEL, etisalat and more. This means you no longer have to experience the stress of carrying multiple SIM cards for your phone. The interesting thing about Usim is that when you travel abroad, you can still maintain your local line by simply going to your Piuni platform to request for the new local network of the new country.

Uchat is a unique product of Piuni. With Uchat, you can perform your regular chatting activities, do video calls, send audio messages and in addition you can use it to move money to your friends and family worldwide. You no longer need to visit the bank before you do local and international money transfer. Uchat is the next big social media app. Millions of people are estimated to use this app worldwide.
piuni UChat app for chatting with friends and transfer of money

U Browse
How do web browsers like mozilla, UCbrowser, Opera Mini, Safari, Chrome etc make their money?
A fraction of your data counts for them each time you and everyone else in the world go online through their platform. Now U browse is a fantastic product of Piuni used for browsing and uniquely designed to give you pay you as you use it.

In my years of being an online entrepreneur, Piuni is one of the biggest platforms i have ever encountered. So trust me when I tell you that my explanation of Piuni above is just an introduction to what Piuni is.

How to patner with Piuni
There are three types of people who can partner with Piuni.
i. Customers– These are the people who use the products and services offered by Piuni for their personal consumption
ii. Agents– These are the people who buy Piuni’s products and services in large quantities for them to sell to their customers
iii. Affiliates– Affiliates are the biggest partners of Piuni because every customer and agent cannot partner with Piuni directly except they are registered by an affiliate. Affiliates also have the ability to earn commissions and bonuses.

become a partner of piuni

How to become an Affiliate of Piuni

Affiliates are the people that earn huge commissions and bonuses. There are three ways to become an affiliate. you need to buy at least one of three packages. Multiple accounts or packages are allowed
1. Basic Affiliate package
what do you get with the basic package
• It cost $140 to become a basic affiliate
• You have access to the Piuni platform and all its marketing tools to retail all piuni products and services
• You get unlimited retail credit stock ….that’s beautiful
• $10 complementary voucher to topup any mobile line across the 600 networks worldwide.
• Access to earn commission up to 20 binary Pairs per day (*Results may vary from person to person)
• 24/7 customer support

2. Premium Affiliate package
what you get with the premium package
• It cost $540 to become a premium affiliate
• You get access to the Piuni platform and all its marketing tools to retail all their products and services
• You get unlimited retail credit stock …amazing.
• You also get $40 complementary voucher to top up any of the 600 mobile network globally.
• Access to earn all bonuses and commissions- and earn up to 40 binary pairs per day (*Results may vary from person to person)
• 24/7 Customer support

3. Entrepreneur business Affiliate:
what do you get with the entrepreneur business package
• This package is a 2 in one package where you have an opportunity to act as an affiliate as well as an agent.
• Entrepreneur package cost $1840
• Get access to our platform and marketing tools to retail all piuni products and services.
• $100 free airtime complimentary voucher.
• Free unlimited retail stock credit for mobile top up and other transaction…. amazing
• Also earn up to 60 binary pairs daily in 2 cycles (*Results may vary from person to person)
• This package comes with a pocket POS where you can do all your transactions on it, you can do mobile top up, payment of any kind of bills can be done on it

piuni handheld POS that comes with the entrepreneur Business Package

9 ways to earn money with Piuni
Piuni offers its affiliates 9 different and amazing ways of earning unending streams of of income. I will explain 2 of the basics that will open other ways of earning to you.

1. Retail Commission
The retail commission of piuni opens up between 30-50% of the profit that comes to Piuni whenever customers buys or uses any of our value Transfer Services across the globe through your unique link. (*Results may vary from person to person).
Your unique link will be given to you at the point of registration.
Basic package opens you to 30%
Premium Package opens you to 40%
Entrepreneur Package opens you to 50%

2. Jump start bonus– For every package that you refer, you get the corressponding referral bonus as stipulated by Piuni

Note: The referral part of the business is optional but if you are like me who likes to build a network of customers that would generate residual income for you whether you are sleeping or travelling or having fun with your family on the best beaches of the world then its an important part of the business.

piuni basic and premium affiliate jump start bonus table

Watch this short 3 minutes video of Piuni African director answering the question of, “what is piuni”

It is so amazing experiencing what piuni has to offer. In just few months of launching from nigeria, Piuni has started to transform the lives of people through this amazing telecoms opportunity. Don’t let people tell you of their success story when you can be part of the success yourself. The best way to predict your desired future is to create it.

Click here to see how I built my Piuni business to generate $200 weekly.

A second delay can be very dangerous. Personally, my belief in piuni is 100% and am glad to be part of this wonderful opportunity. I will soon be coordinating a training on how we do it so as to get you on a jump start. You can never go wrong If you follow my system. To know more on the Piuni Telecoms business and how to get started, you can reach me via whatsapp or call on +2348161735232. Better still, you can drop your number in the comment section. it won’t be published for privacy sake. Please note that the Training slots are almost exhausted. looking forward to hearing from a go getter like you.

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